OEM stands for Own Equipment Manufacturing and presents a new dimension to create truly unique items and personalized merchandising products. We are offering several options for custom-made products:
One option is to have customer artwork being laser cut through the metal barrel. Glossy or colorful backgrounds emphasize the promotional message. Depending on the model we can optionally lacquer the barrel or trims in custom PMS colors and thereby further personalize the writing instrument.

Another option is to decorate the item rings with the custom logo as a raised and domed surface with a 360° laser engraving or laser engraving it all over. Thereby, the promotional message becomes palpable and consequently more memorable. The 360° laser engraving emphasizes the exclusive character of the writing instrument and transforms the promotional present into something truly special.


A customized and specially shaped 3D clip on a selected writing instrument draws more attention to the pen and its promotional message

Promotional labelling transforms any writing instrument into a truly unique piece!