#8700 RUM Ballpen

A valuable present!

The twist ballpoint pen Rum inspires with its stylish check pattern on the front section and its simple and discreet upper section. The high-gloss finish completes the coherent design of this ballpoint pen and its heavy weight accentuates its superior quality. Your present can be personalized with a beautiful gift box or a single name engraving.

Minimum order quantity: 100 pieces




Colors: Titan and Silver


twist ballpoint pen, weight 36 g
barrel metal shiny
rippled front part
metal GM-refill blue ink

Printing Area

TDM pad printing metal 40 x 6 mm
LG laser engraving 40 x 6 mm

Additional information


#8700-SI, #8700-TI, #8702 -SI, #8702-TI